Hooks and Filters

Overview of hooks and filters in WPGraphQL

Helpful Hooks



init_graphql_request Action that executes when a GraphQL Request begins. The base class hooks into this action to kick off the schema creation, types are not set up until this action has run.

Helpful Filters



graphql_request_data( array $parsed_query_params, array $request_context ) Returns the parsed request parameters. In POST requests the query params are ignored by default but users can merge them into the body params manually using the $request_context if needed.


$parsed_query_params An array containing the pieces of the data of the GraphQL request.

$request_context An array containing the both body and query params.

Return Values

GraphQL OperationParams or array of OperationParams in case of batch operation.

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Hooks and Filters

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  • init_graphql_request
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  • graphql_request_data
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